Hello world!

My original blog  www.disneyinaweek.blogspot.com no longer accepts information so I have now transferred to WordPress which I have used for a few years and been very happy with. So continue to enjoy! I am pleased to say that my last blog had over 10,000 hits! Even i can’t believe it. You can still go there by the way. Lots of info…Click on the link and you can read more about Disneyworld!

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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Dolores A. Russo, Photographer, Teacher, Writer

    Welcome to “Disney in a Week 2” – a continuation of the previous blog, http://www.disneyinaweek.blogspot.com.

    Although this is a “flowing” documentary, it might be best if you went back to the first blog (http://www.disneyinaweek.blogspot.com) and did some exploring and reading there. It is more up to date for the last month or so and gives you a good idea of what is going on.

    GINGERBRAD BEIGNETS!!! Here’s a recent discovery: http://disney.go.com/disneyinsider/taste-of-disney/recipe/gingerbread-beignets

    I love good food and many of my visits to Disney are just to have dinner! I am now considered a food critic by many as I have had dinner at almost every restaurant there in Disney. Just ask…

    Have fun on your holiday, prepare for SUN, and also, today as I write this (26Oct, Friday) it looks to be a little windy and maybe some rain. But that never stopped you from having fun, right?

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