Welcome to the World of Disney


Last time I signed in (at disneyinaweek.blogspot.com*) we were watching the shuttle wave goodbye to Florida on its last “flight” over DisneyWorld and on its way to California.

Traveling to Disney and trying to do it all in one week is a lot of planning for everyone involved, particularly if you have kids along who all have their OWN ideas of what the family (them in particular) want to do.

Because I live only 10 minutes from Walt DisneyWorld and I do have an annual pass and am a photographer too, I do visit quite often. And when I do, I  will tell you what is happening in the parks for that week or that day and tell you stuff that the books and internet fail to tell you or can’t.

For instance, the weather could be changing – and it is, by the way. Although it’s a natural occurrence, it’s always nice to know exactly what you are up against when you get to your destination. After all, it’s your vacation and holiday –


I will also post photos that I have taken that day too. This beautiful giraffe carving is at Animal Kingdom, where today, it was just beautiful weather! It’s been a long and hot summer for everyone but when the weather changes in Florida, it’s usually dramatic. The coming days will be cooler – in the 70’s and possibly 60’s. Occasionally you will get those hot days too, but right now, not so. Today it started out at 63 degrees F. Chilly. A light jacket today would be ideal.

Pack that SPF 30 (or 50 is better)  too! And the sunglasses – the sun is still strong here and shines all day long. And of course a hat or head covering, specially for the kiddoes. Bring bottled water on your daily trek to the parks as well.  Dehydration occurs even in cool weather. Water is your friend.

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